September 28


Welcome Back!

Classes are offered in-person and on Zoom. Dancers who specified Zoom as their preference will be sent Zoom codes no later than 8am Monday, September 14th in the morning. If you do not have your Zoom code by 8am on Monday, please send an email. If you need to make up a class for any reason and wish to do so in person, you must first send an email to confirm there is space available.
The following questions will determine if your child should attend dance on a particular day: 
● Do you have a fever today of 100.4F or greater? 
● Do you have shortness of breath or other difficulties breathing? 
● Do you have a persistent cough that is new? 
● Do you have loss of taste/smell? 
● Do you have flu-like symptoms such as gastro-intestinal upset, nausea, vomiting, headache? 
● Have you been in contact or close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID 19? 
● Have you traveled in the past 14 days to any regions listed on the DPH travel advisory list?
If you answer yes to any of the questions listed above, your child must stay home and call your medical provider for further guidance. Please also remember to email or phone the office, if your child is absent for any reason. Thank you in advance for your cooperation; safety is our priority. Please familiarize yourself with our safety protocols and information attached to this document.
HOLIDAY CLOSINGS – Tuition is based on weeks in which classes are held, vacations are NOT included in your payments. Tuition for the year is based on a 30 week dance season and divided into nine even monthly payments, regardless of how many weeks are scheduled in the month.
Columbus Day – Monday, October 12th – classes may be made up
Veterans Day – Wednesday, November 11th – classes may be made up
Fall Recess – November 23-November 28th
Holiday Break – December 20th-January 2nd
Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 18th – classes may be made up
Winter Recess – February 15-February 20th
Spring Recess – April 12th-April 17th 
*With safety guidelines in mind we will not host our annual Halloween party, but a celebration is still in order. On Halloween, Saturday October 31st , we invite dancers attending class that day to wear their costumes to their regularly scheduled class!
PHOTOS and CONSENT – will be held on Monday, March 1, 2021 and Tuesday, March 31, 2021. Photos are optional; however, they will be used in the recital program. BSDC reserves the right to use all photographs in future advertisements, social media and publications unless you notify us in writing that we may not. 
New fall BSDC merchandise will be available next week, stay tuned!
Safety Measures implemented at BSDC:
1. Class size will be limited for safe social distancing.  Dance Floors are clearly labeled to illustrate 6 feet of distance.
2. Lobbies and common areas will be closed to students and families. All seating will be removed from lobbies and parents will be asked to drop off students.
3. Parents will drop off only and not arrive more than 5 minutes ahead of class. Children will arrive dressed and ready to dance. Dressing rooms will be closed. Please arrive with your dance bag and a labeled water bottle to bring in the classroom, no food allowed. Dancers will put their street shoes in their dance bag upon arrival before entering the classroom.
4. Families will be asked to keep their child home if anyone in the family is sick, feeling unwell or thinks they may have been in contact with someone who has or has been exposed to the virus
5. One door (parent/student entrance) will be designated as the entrance and another (staff entrance) as an exit.
6. Teachers/Staff/Dancers are to sanitize hands before and after every class, please be patient as this process may take a moment.
7. Teachers/Staff will wipe all high touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, barres) and sanitize dance floors before and after every class.
8. Hallways or other interior spaces leading to our dance studios and where applicable exterior entry points will have floor markings like retail stores have done to indicate where students should line up.
9. Students will sanitize or wash hands prior to coming to the studio and before and after every class.
10. The teacher will prop the door open when it is time to enter the class to eliminate door touching by students.
11. Once students are called into the classroom, they can be directed to stand in a box that is outlined on the floor in the studio 6 feet or more apart from each other and the teacher.
12. No touching, hand holding, partnering or use of shared hand props in class
13. At the end of every class, the teacher/staff will prop open the door and call kids one by one to leave, giving them hand sanitizer/wash hands on the way out.
14. Students will leave through the exit door.
15. Students will be encouraged to go to the restroom at home before coming to class. If needed bathroom breaks will be given one student at a time and staff will wipe down all surfaces after each bathroom use.
16. Touch points will be regularly cleaned: a. All door handles through the studio b. Bathroom faucets, toilets, door handles in bathroom stalls
17. End of Day: Thorough cleaning throughout the facility includes all floors, touch points and bathrooms including walls of the stalls.


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