Our competitive team program, offers students the opportunity to take their dance training to a new level through the exciting world of competitive dance. Team members progress at an accelerated rate by way of more class, intensive training, private lessons and various performance opportunities.

We emphasize the “team experience”. We stress sound work habits such as, responsibility, dependability, initiative, adjusting to situations, coping with disappointments and working with others as a unified group…attributes we hope will remain with your child through school and into adulthood.

This experience is available to any student willing to accept the challenge, respect team rules and work toward the team’s goals. The team is open to students ages four and older.  Placement is determined by the faculty and staff based on age, technical ability, previous training and overall attitude.

In order to be considered for the team, all students and parents must abide by team rules and regulations. Dancers are required to attend summer classes; it is at this time that we work on technique and determine placement. The level of classes the student should take over the summer is determined by the faculty.  Because class time is so important, there is an attendance policy for the fall season. Being part of the team is a commitment.

The team will compete in Tap, Jazz and Lyrical (age depending) routines at four regional dance competitions. In addition, team members may elect to compete with a solo, duo or trio routine at the discretion of the faculty. The competitions will take place during the months of March and April. The actual weekends of the competition will be determined by October.

Accept the challenge!