Dance Masters of America (DMA) has been setting the standards in dance education since 1884. From its inception, the goals of the organization have been to improve the standards of dance and benefits offered to its members and their students. DMA offers over 100 opportunities to expand and perfect technical and professional skills through affiliation with more than thirty chapters in the United States and Canada.

Some of the opportunities are Teacher Training School, Syllabi Forums, Master Classes, Student Workshops, scholarship Competitions, National Conventions and, Information Exchanges. ┬áDMA provides syllabi that are being utilized by universities, colleges and dance institutions throughout the world and offers the most extensive variety of dance education affecting today’s dance professionals.

The Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School (TTS) is a professional program that provides both basic and advanced teaching techniques for current and would-be Dance Educators. The focus of the program is on education, where attendees learn proven teaching principles, fundamental dance techniques, core dance syllabi, and methods for successfully applying these skills in the classroom. Successful completion of the four- year program and examinations result in Dance Masters of America certification in the dance education profession, where teachers are certified by test to teach.